joshholloway lost 290 Underappreciated 'Lost' Theatre: OutlawsWhile Michael Emerson recently won an Emmy, I think most people would declare Season 5 of “Lost” to belong to Sawyer. Nothing against Ben, Faraday, or Frogurt, but Josh Holloway brought all that, a bag of chips, AND a healthy amount of dip to his work this season as James Ford. Didn’t help that the writers gave him most of the best scenes and a variety of new and interesting challenges to the character, either.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at an episode many of you suggested when I first announced the Underappreciated “Lost” Theatre series: “Outlaws.” It’s easy to look at the primary action on-Island and dismiss this episode when thinking back over Season 1. But looking at little closer not only yields some nice rewards, it also contains a scene that might stand out at the series’ end as one of the most important scenes in this show’s history.

Why it’s overlooked

C’mon: Sawyer chases a boar. For an entire episode. Even before you exactly understood what the boar represented, you still sorta knew what the boar represented. For a show that specializes in mystery, this was both obvious and clunky. On an island where anything can happen, viewers were simply praying for SOMETHING to happen.

Why it’s underappreciated

Because this episode’s all about the small moments. Because “I never” was never so fraught with sexiness mingled with mystery. Because Locke’s story about his foster mother’s dog is a highlight in a season full of Locke-centric highlights. Because in an Australian bar, we might have seen the first glimpse of Christian Shephard dealing with the future he knows lies in wait for his son in the near future, a future he’s helpless to prevent. Because that meeting leads to Sawyer’s finest moment of Season 1: telling Jack about this encounter in “Exodus.”
Sandwiched between the raft’s destruction and Hurley’s backstory, “Sawyer and the Boar” sometimes gets short shrift when talking about Season 1. Especially considering Christian’s ever-growing importance, it’s worth it for no other reason than to watch him and Sawyer share a beer at the bottom of the world, each unware of the other’s importance in the events to come.

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