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We’re not going to pussyfoot around the pretty apparent fact that this season of new shows hasn’t produced a huge hit with audiences and it has created several shows with a target on their back — already we’ve lost a critical favorite in Fox’s “Lone Star” and then ABC dumped “My Generation.” 
It did come as a bit of a surprise when New York Magazine’s Vulture posted an article titled, “Is ‘Undercovers’ worth saving?”
Admittedly, that question seemed a bit premature to us, since the new NBC show had not hit anyone’s radar as being in the red zone quite yet. “Undercovers” co-creator and executive producer, Josh Reims, says the show doesn’t need saving.
“As far as I know at this point, we’ve only had very positive support from both Warner Bros. [the studio behind the show] and NBC,” Reims tells Zap2it.
Several factors go into play when a network is making decisions on whether it should cancel a show or not. In the case of “Undercovers,” the fact that it opens the network’s Wednesday night gives it some leeway in the ratings.  
“NBC knows that it’s hard to open a night,” Reims says. “We have no lead in. You just have to sort of get the word out and hope that word of mouth builds an audience and it takes some time.”
So what of the 20% ratings loss in the much-desired 18-49 demo after Episode 2? Reims says it didn’t surprise anyone.
“NBC, even after the pilot and Episode 2’s drop off,” he says. “Which obviously is expected after the premiere, has been very supportive and very positive about it. The shows are really good that’s coming up and hopefully people will catch on and start watching.”
There’s a bit of expectation in any show connected to J.J. Abrams (“Lost,” “Alias”) and Zap2it already warned its readers to let go of that. Reims tells us that the show is pretty much what he and Abrams had envisioned.
“It is more about the feeling you get when you’re watching the show than about the specifics of the show,” he says. “The idea was, ‘lets have fun, let’s show people in beautiful places, and let’s have a good spy story.’ And hopefully somebody will sit down on their couch and watch the show and feel like ‘Okay, that was a fun hour I just spent.'” 
He continues, “And even when I watched the pilot on air, even though I’ve seen it a million times, I still felt like, okay, no matter what happens this pretty much turned out exactly the way I wanted it to turn out.”
“Undercovers” fans, are you breathing a sigh of relief?

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