undercovers 320 'Undercovers' recap: AskssassinOn “Undercovers”: The CIA has it on good authority the President-elect of Peru, Alberto Loya, will be assassinated at his inauguration. They just don’t know why or by whom. Central Intelligence Agency, my ass! The plan is to get to Lima and have Samantha pose as a reporter, since Loya is not picky about whom he allows to interview him. She tries to find out if he has any known enemies, but it’s nothing doing, so Steven decides the best way to get a lead is to pose as the hot, new assassin in town and land the job. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Everything goes according to plan up until the point where Steven is supposed to pull the trigger, except they still have no idea who is at the top of the food chain. Samantha gets emotionally involved in Loya’s protection because he reminds her of her old journalism professor, so she tries to get him out of harm’s way. It’s like a really messed-up and misguided hot-for-dead-teacher type thing. Her panicked attempt leads her to get captured by the man behind the assassination plot — a member of the oil company from which Loya plans to divert a major pipeline. Steven’s able to snipe the man and save both Loya and Samantha with a little help from Leo.

Back home, Samantha reveals to Steven her old professor was actually the man who recruited her to join the CIA. Samantha blamed herself for him being killed (even though he was killed by a car bomb and she’s foggy on the details) and it was a major reason she left the CIA. Another episode, another lame secret reveal.

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