undercovers 320 'Undercovers' recap: Device Is RightOn “Undercovers,” we join our heroes mid-morning-hump, and if that’s not enough to get you ready for the next mission, running into Carlton Shaw in your kitchen after the deed certainly is. He breaks into the Blooms’ house to prove the point that they’re no longer a normal married couple and need to get their s*** together security-wise before he hands them their next mission. And before I tell you what that mission is, be advised that the persistent married couple’s quarrel for this episode is Steven’s inability to distance himself from his precious gadgets and technology. So, it only makes sense this particular mission deals with recovering a device which is purported to break into the CIA’s database of active field agents, thus exposing all their identities to the villains of the world. Laying it on a little thick, J.J., with this device thing. Laying it on thickly.

The mission takes The Undercovers to Berlin, where they meet a semi-reliable operative by the name of Hans Bauer with more info about the device’s whereabouts. When Steven meets with him, Hans gets sniped by the syndicate he had infiltrated, which you have to imagine is par for the course for operatives anyway. The only lead the Blooms have to go on is surveillance footage Hoyt found of a black Mercedes speeding away from the scene with a distinct logo for a private nightclub on the body.

This leads to a strip club where Steven meets up with Leo Nash and recognizes a guy who turns out to be Ernesto Santos, a negotiator for a Spanish terrorist group. Santos is sitting with a German man with silver hair who at the beginning of this episode went into a hospital late at night and murdered some staff so he could kidnap a young man. The Undercovers don’t know this, however, but they figure Silver Hair Guy is buying the device from Ernesto, so they follow the men after they leave the club. They end up at an impenetrably secure 20-story building, where the only way in is to scale to the top. Sam and Steven do so while Leo takes down a guard and taps into the surveillance system so Hoyt can advise the infiltration. What’s going on inside is the young man who was kidnapped from the hospital, Mathias, is being forced to try and crack some code on the device for the German men while they wait for Ernesto’s associates to arrive to broker a deal. When the associates arrive, Mathias is escorted out of the room, giving the Blooms enough time to snag the device. But s***’s not going to be that easy. Silver Hair Guy pulls his gun on Ernesto and his men when they ask Mathias to demonstrate that the code can be cracked, kills them all and escapes with Mathias before the Blooms can do anything.

All of this pisses off Carlton Shaw, because it turns out Silver Hair Guy is a renowned terrorist by the name of Carl Becker and the device the Blooms recovered was just a run-of-the-mill laptop. He kicks them off the case, but Steven can’t leave well enough alone. He broods over the mission clues until his studying of surveillance video reveals that Mathias was wearing a hospital bracelet. Steven and Sam are able to run a background check on Mathias, which reveals he’s a mathematical genius, meaning he is the device. Steven convinces Shaw to let them go back to Germany to complete the mission, so the whole crew heads to Dresden, where Becker is hanging in his stronghold, forcing Mathias to work on cracking the code for jellybeans, which really isn’t so harsh at all when you think about it. Who wouldn’t work for terrorists for jellybeans? …I mean, I love America. Sam, Steven, Leo and Hoyt are able to get past security by posing as maintenance workers for the electric company after they blow the power grid. Sam gets inside the mansion, but shortly thereafter their cover is blown and she gets captured by Becker. Steven goes in after her and is able to take down Becker and rescue Mathias and Sam — all probably before dinnertime.

What did The Undercovers learn this time? Their relationship and love is not a liability out in the field. Steven’s instinct to protect his wife proved necessary for her rescue in this case, and Sam is at ease knowing her husband is by her side. These two need their own show about relationships. Maybe throw in some spying, too. That would be a hit!

In Lizzy’s Unseen World of Picking Up the Catering Business Slack, she manages a funeral job for a cute guy she spies (relatively) when he’s meeting with the Blooms to contract the job. We’re also introduced to her main rival, Lance, the token gay chef who takes the exact same notice of the cute guy and claws at Lizzy for the rights to the job. The Blooms find out after their mission that Lizzy made out with Cute Guy and they were caught by his mother, who now refuses to pay for the catering job. That’s cool, though, because Lizzy’s going to sort it all out now that she’s going to be seeing this guy regularly. Not to say I like the girl or anything, but anybody else think there’s a much more trainwrecky and interesting show if we just follow Lizzy instead?

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