undercovers 320 'Undercovers' recap: My Phone's Blowin' UpOn “Undercovers”: In Pakistan, a group of mercenaries reach an agreement to escort a group of businessmen as a security detail to a factory where researchers are working on advances in fiber optics systems. Once inside the factory, the head mercenary, John Seidel, pulls his machine gun on the businessmen and shoots them all as well as all of the researchers but one. Dr. Nasir, who has a background in miniaturization of tech like microprocessors (aren’t they already micro?) and explosives (!), is kidnapped by the group under the threat that they have already kidnapped her husband. They force her to work in Stockholm developing miniature bombs to implant into cell phones.

Meanwhile, our heroes the Blooms are arguing over Steven’s refusal to read instructions before failing to put together an expensive coffee machine for their catering business. They’re so cute and homely! Carlton Shaw shows up to mercifully put a stop to the playful bickering, but only to replace it with his trademark hard-ass hemming and hawing (I should trademark that alliteration) when he obviously needs the help of the Blooms with the case of Dr. Nasir’s kidnapping. Seidel’s right-hand man in this kidnapping operation, Kruger, has escaped to the West Indies. The Undercovers are off to Turks and Caicos to track him down. Sam’s able to lure Kruger into a trap in his own hotel suite with the cunning use of sexuality and espionage. Steven breaks into the suite during the gratuitous flirting by the pool between Sam and Kruger to implant a tracking device in Kruger’s watch, track down any incriminating documents and be there to pummel him when Sam brings him back. I’ve spared the fact Bill Hoyt’s annoyingness is present during all of this business in Turks and Caicos, but he actually pulls his weight when he and Sam take off to Venezuela to track down Seidel.

When they get there and infiltrate the apartment, they run into John Seidel’s brother, who was part of the original security outfit which kidnapped Dr. Nasir. Sam and Bill chase after him on foot and by car, respectively, until Bill is able to smash the guy with his car. They take Brother Seidel to the apartment to interrogate him, and he reveals his brother was murdered by Kruger; he was left for dead, as well, but managed to survive. So now Kruger’s the mastermind, and Steven is with him back in Turks and Caicos, oblivious. Kruger is able to give Steven the slip with the cunning use of hired sexuality and espionage. Steven has no interest in the hookers Kruger sends at him at a bar, but they obstruct his view just long enough for Kruger to escape. But he’s got that tracking device in his watch, right? Yeah, well… the thing about that is: Steven neglected to pay attention to the instructions and never activated it. Oh, man… the wife is going to kill him.

When Shaw catches wind of these developments and Steven’s ineptitude, he brings Leo Nash onto the case to assist, which is like calling Agent Awkward Sexual Tension and Jealousy Inducer to work with your married field agents. (That agent’s first name is Max, by the way.) Leo doesn’t really help much other than to make things less couple-like with his carefree flirtation and reminders that he used to do the horizontal Monster Mash with Sam. He is able to get Kruger’s tracking device back online, however. The group heads to Stockholm and find Dr. Nasir left for dead with a near-fatal gunshot wound. Before losing consciousness, she directs them to the Global Business Summit being held nearby, which is the target for the bomb she built for Kruger. She offers up no further details of how and when. Leo, Steven and Sam head off to the summit, while Bill attends to Dr. Nasir and tries to get snippets of info from her in her ambulance as she slips in and out of consciousness. She finally comes to and adds that the bomb is in a cell phone. Luckily for us, security at the summit is confiscating all cell phones, putting them in plastic baggies and storing them in a million cubbyholes. Sam breaks off to search for the phone while Steven and Leo track down Kruger. Somehow, Sam manages to find the rigged phone by going through the baggies one-by-one, but she has no idea how to defuse the bomb without Dr. Nasir’s help. While she anxiously awaits more info from Nasir, Steven spots Kruger and chases him down. They engage in a fistfight in front of the attendees of the summit, and Steven comes out on top. Simultaneously, Sam takes a leap of faith/instinct and just cuts a wire, defusing the bomb successfully and fulfilling a bomb plot clich�.

So what did we learn tonight? The Blooms need a third wheel to keep us from growing disinterested in their abundance of marriage. Conveniently, Leo Nash is appointed to work with them indefinitely by Shaw after this mission’s successful results and Steven’s demonstration that he could use some help with the latest tech. On the home front, the whole argument over reading instructions is resolved by Steven’s blunder and Sam’s success during the mission. Steven realizes sometimes he needs to read the instructions and Sam accepts sometimes you should go by instinct. The conversation naturally turns to pillow talk, and we should accept that this show is probably going to end every episode with these two getting it on.

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