undercovers 320 'Undercovers' recap: Skeletons in the ClosetOn “Undercovers”: There’s a formula for a biological weapon which has been hidden in a painting at an art auction in Italy. A notorious and enigmatic bio-arms dealer by the name of Xerxes is suspected to be using this whole auction as a machination to securely acquire the formula. The auction is so exclusive that the only believable way for it to be infiltrated by our favorite operatives is for Samantha to assume a past alias as the wife of a British field agent named Clive. Clive Owen!? Not quite.

The problem with all of this is Steven knows Clive. Hates the guy. That hate is probably amplified by the fact Steven has to play background on this mission with Hoyt while this guy cozies up with Sam. To top it off, Hoyt falls for Clive’s beautiful blonde partner Tessa and starts talking Steven’s ear off about her while Clive starts telling Samantha about Steven’s past. Turns out Steven dropped out of an elite training program for the CIA. At this point, you’re like, “So? He obviously became a CIA agent anyway,” and I totally agree with you.

Once settled at the site of the auction, the plan is to forge a counterfeit of the painting that has the formula and replace it so that the formula never falls into the hands of Xerxes and they can capture him when he makes the purchase. The plan naturally does not unfold as intended. Hoyt and Steven get captured while trying to make the swap of the painting and are driven off-site to be executed. They escape death in time to make it back to the auction and tail the guy who made the purchase until he explodes. Yeah, the guy is blown up by Xerxes, and it’s every bit as ridiculous as the idea of a foot chase ending with a person blowing up. Clive goes MIA during all of this, which leads them to suspect Clive is Xerxes, but Samantha finds him with a gunshot wound after an encounter with Tessa, who turns out to be Xerxes and has escaped.

Steven, Sam and Hoyt track Tessa/Xerxes to Hong Kong. Hoyt’s so pissed off that he almost maybe would’ve tried to give his heart to this girl that he insists he take point on capturing her. They chase her on foot through back alleys until Hoyt cuts her off and clubs her with a pole. Textbook espionage. He makes sure as he detains her that she’s aware of the romantic life with him she threw away to be a no-good, lying, international terrorist. Scratch that — a no-good, lying, lucky, international terrorist.

Steven reveals to Samantha what the story about him being kicked out of that special training unit was all about. He had hacked into the CIA database to get the name of a girl he saw there, was ratted out by Clive and subsequently kicked out. Turns out the girl was Samantha. Aww… that’s so sweeTUPID! The best secret past we’re going to get is the story of the first time Steven saw Samantha? Balls.

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