undercovers 320 'Undercovers' recap: The One About North KoreaThis week’s “Undercovers” has a renowned particle physicist in North Korea steals a device purported to be able to alter the state of solid matter. Is it like a blow dryer, or something you can use to melt ice cubes? We don’t know. We never see the device used. When North Korean authorities catch on that he’s stolen the device, Physicist’s Daughter is kidnapped. Physicist wants to defect to America, but on the condition his daughter is found and reunited with him so he can get her out of the country.

The Blooms are on the case and are quickly able to snag Physicist at a symposium in Geneva and get him to safety, just as the North Korean authorities are about to detain him. They keep him stashed in a hotel room while they directly disobey Carlton Shaw’s directive to stay out of North Korea to find Physicist’s Daughter. It’s no fun when the Blooms’ bumbling will be behind Shaw’s back. I guess we just need to imagine his theoretical exasperation this time out.

Once in North Korea, the Undercovers find that two French intelligence operatives are on the scene to try and swoop in and get Physicist to defect to France, because word got out that the CIA would not operate in North Korea. They offer to work jointly with the Blooms, and once Physicist’s Daughter is extracted from the North Korean police, they quickly pull a double-cross. Even the Blooms saw this coming and were not competent enough to outmaneuver it. It’d be nice if the times where our heroes aren’t perfect they aren’t also completely inept.

The French operatives hold Physicist’s Daughter hostage for ransom of the glorified blow dryer, but the Blooms beat the crap out of them, as they are known to do, and reunite Physicist and Physicist’s Daughter, convincing him to defect to America. USA! USA!

But you know what the downside is to all of this? Samantha missed Lizzy’s commemoration of being sober for 90 days. It’s hard balancing the world-saving duties of a secret agent with affirming your screw-up of an alcoholic sister. Can I get an empathetic “Uh-huh! That’s right”?

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