underrated of 2012 fitb Underrated TV stars of 2012: 'The Walking Dead's' Carl, 'Scandal's' first lady and moreIt’s December, which means that, in addition to the weather getting colder and people buying lots of presents, a flood of best and worst lists inundate the media landscape.

Zap2it will present some yearly highs and lows of our own in the next few weeks, but we’re kicking off our review of 2012 with our seventh annual list of underrated TV stars. This year’s honorees include a troubled war veteran (Matt Lauria of “Parenthood”), a fresh face in fake news (Jessica Williams of “The Daily Show”), the youngest zombie hunter of them all (Chandler Riggs of “The Walking Dead”), a group of aspiring dancers (the four young stars of “Bunheads”) and a scorned and scheming first lady (Bellamy Young of “Scandal”).

The characters they play are as different as possible, but what they and 23 other entrants on this year’s list have in common is that even though they may not be the top-billed star of their respective shows, they invariably make those shows better to watch.

As with all our past Underrated lists, there are a few rules: No lead actors of series. No prior Emmy winners. And no one who’s been on a previous Underrated lists. Because if we talk about how underrated you are, you can’t really be underrated anymore.

You can see all of this year’s honorees here. Keeping in mind the rules above, who are your most underrated TV stars of 2012?

Posted by:Rick Porter