john corbett united states of tara 320 'United States of Tara': John Corbett has sex ... hold the cityIn the May 17 episode of Showtime’s “United States of Tara,” John Corbett‘s character, Max, the long-suffering husband of Tara (Toni Collette), who has multiple personality disorder, cheated on his wife on a pool table with waitress Pammy (Joey Lauren Adams).

Complicating things a bit was the fact that Pammy had a fling with Buck, one of Tara’s alter egos, who is male (mentally if not physically).

Turns out the encounter wasn’t all it could have been, with much of the sex scene left on the cutting-room floor..

“I’ve got to tell you,” Corbett confides to Zap2it, “I was so disappointed when I saw that episode. The scene goes on … it was animalistic, man. We shot it three times, and each time, it got more intense.

“It would have been a gasper for the audience, who said that it’s about time [he cheated on Tara]. I don’t know, if after they saw him pounding her with all this brute force — I don’t know if they would have said that. They would have just went, ‘What the f***?'”

Asked why he thought the scene was trimmed, Corbett says, “I think it was too intense. I haven’t talked to anybody about it, because we’re all separated now and on hiatus, but I think they probably thought, if people saw Max do that, they might not come back liking Max.

“We ultimately need to be on Max’s side. They might have thought that he would have lost some support — which is great with me, because that just makes better drama. I don’t care if I win or lose people’s support as Max. It’s good drama that I’m trying to mine.”

And it’s not over yet.

“We’ll come to find out,” Corbett says, “through a conversation with Tara and her sister, that she’s cheated on Max maybe 30 times in the past, as different alters. They’ve been married what, 18 years? This was absolutely Max’s first time cheating on her.”

The audience won’t have to wait long for repercussions.

“There are repercussions in the next episode,” says Corbett (that episode, “Open House,” premieres Monday, May 24, and runs through the week).

Even though “United States of Tara” is in its second season — Season 1 earned Emmy and Golden Globe Awards for Collette — and has been renewed for a third, Corbett says he seldom gets comments on it.

“Most of my friends don’t even know what I’m doing,” he says. “Everyone I know watches ‘Mad Men.’ My own friends don’t watch this show, my own family. My mother asks me when I’m going to be on something good.”

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Posted by:Kate O'Hare