transformers the ride 3d grand opening Universal Orlando announces 'Transformers: The Ride   3D' grand opening date

The Autobots and Decepticons will soon be invading Universal Orlando. The Florida theme park has been building its newest attraction, “Transformers: The Ride – 3D,” for a while now, and it’s finally announced its grand opening date: June 20.

In anticipation of that exciting day, Universal has launched a interactive Facebook experience called “Join The Resistance.” There fans can create a NEST ID to “train to fight the Decepticons,” have access to new photos and videos of the ride, and even enter to win a trip to the grand opening celebration.

Universal Orlando is the third Universal theme park to open “Transformers: The Ride – 3D.” The attraction first premiered at Universal Singapore on Dec. 3, 2011, and then a second version of the ride opened at Universal Hollywood on May 25. “Transformers: The Ride – 3D” combines 3D technology with Universal’s robotic arm technology to bring fans into the ride’s action.

“Transformers: The Ride – 3D” tells a standalone story about a group of guests (aka the attraction’s riders) who get thrown into the action during a visit to the government’s NEST facility. There they partner with an Autobot named Evac to fight off enemy Decepticons and protect the AllSpark. Classic Transformers met along the way include Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Sideswipe and Starscream. Industrial Light & Magic, the same team that worked on the “Transformers” movies, created the ride’s special effects, and director Michael Bay also collaborated on the project.

Speaking of “Transformers,” Bay is slated to direct a fourth movie in the Paramount Pictures franchise. It’s due in theaters on July 27, 2014, and currently stars Mark Wahlberg, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, Jack Raynor and Nicola Peltz.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz