OMG, did you see the new show None of the Above last night?

It was sooooo good. I can’t even believe that great new character the show just added also named None of the Above. I just hope it doesn’t get cancelled like that other show, None of the Above.

Yes, None of the Above did quite well in the 2008 Amy Awards. Not only did it win several categories, it was nearly named hottest actress. And it’s never even been featured in US Weekly. Bizarre, right?

The 2008 Amy Awards were very reflective of a disjointed TV season. Perhaps you didn’t have a favorite new show because you can’t even remember some of the shows that haven’t been seen since last fall.

Thanks to everyone who voted. This year we had nearly 7,300 unique votes. Whoo-hoo!

Here are the results!

Michaelemerson2_lost_2401 . If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right or Best Villain

Winner with 39.1% of the vote Ben Linus of Lost

And the rest:

None of the above -14.5%

The Devil on Reaper – 14.2%

Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl -12.6%

Wilhemina Slater on Ugly Betty -11.4%

Adam on Heroes – 8.2%

2. My DVR Won’t Ever Let You Go or Best New Character on either a new or returning series

Winner with 23.8% of the vote None of the Above

And the rest

Daniel Faraday on Lost — 20.8%

Eli Stone on Eli Stone -17.75%

Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory — 16%

Sock on Reaper — 12.54%

Gio on Ugly Betty — 9.1%

3. You Never Know What You’ve Got Until It’s Gone or Best Cancelled Show

Winner with 26.7% of the vote None of the Above

And the rest:

Moonlight — 25.2%

Jericho -13.4%

The 4400-13.1%


Aliens in America-9.1%

4. I Think I Need a New Watercooler or Show You are Sick of People Talking About

Winner with 37% of the vote American Idol

And the rest:

Grey’s Anatomy– 20.2%

Dancing with the Stars-15.3%

Gossip Girl-11.0%

Lost– 9.7%

None of the Above-6.8%

Sarahchalke_scrubs_240_2 5. Hey It’s That Guy/Girl or Best Guest Star

Tie: Both receiving 25.4% of the vote Sarah Chalke on How I Met Your Mother and James Marsters on Smallville, Without a Trace and Torchwood

And the rest:

Jim Beaver on Supernatural — 17.8%

Seth Green on Grey’s Anatomy -11.5%

George Michael on Eli Stone -10.4%

None of the Above -9.5%

6. Wait This Isn’t a Dream Sequence or Worst plot twist

Winner with 27.4% of the vote Zack is Gormogon’s apprentice on Bones

And the rest:

Sarah is beheaded on Prison Break -19.7%

None of the above -17.4%

Landry commits murder on Friday Night Lights -12.5%

Flash forward in season finale of Desperate Housewives -12.1%

Rebecca isn’t a Walker on Brothers & Sisters -10.9%

7. Anyone Need the Rest of My Seat, I’m Only Using the Edge or Best Plot Twist

Winner with 22.5% of the vote Locke is in the coffin on Lost

And the rest:

Dean goes to hell on Supernatural -22.1%

Ben moves the island on Lost – 18.0%

Robin and Barney on How I Met Your Mother – 14.7%

Dwight and Angela together in the final scene of the season finale of The Office – 11.8%

None of the above-10.9%

8. I Know You’re Fictional But Will You Marry Me Anyway Or Hottest Actor

Jensenackles2_thecw_s2_supernatur_4 Winner with 23.4% of the vote Jensen Ackles of Supernatural

And the rest:

Josh Holloway on Lost-22.6%

None of the Above -20.3%

Alex O’Loughlin on Moonlight – 15.6%

Taylor Kitsch on Friday Night Lights-10.4%

Jared Padalecki on Supernatural – 7.7%

9. I Know You’re Fictional But Will You Marry Me Anyway Or Hottest Actress

Winner with 24.8% of the vote, Evangeline Lilly on Lost

And the rest:

None of the Above – 22.5%

Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck – 19.1%

Jenna Fischer on The Office -12.2%

Tina Fey on 30 Rock -10.9%

Anna Friel on Pushing Daisies -10.5%

10. Is It Next Season Yet Or Most Anticipated Return/Most Missed Show

Winner with 31.4% of the vote, Lost

And the rest:

Supernatural – 20.4%


None of the above – 12.7%

Pushing Daisies – 11.7%

Friday Night Lights -10.2%

11. You Had My DVR at Hello or Best New Show

Winner with 26.2% of the vote, None of the Above

And the rest:

Pushing Daisies – 22.9%

Chuck – 22.6%

Eli Stone -10.8%

Dirty Sexy Money -10.4%

Life– 7.1%

Ellenpompeo_greysanatomy_s3_240 12. You Bring the Skis, I’ll Bring the Shark or Most Deteriorating Show

Winner with 26.5% of the vote, Grey’s Anatomy

And the rest:

American Idol – 22.0%

Prison Break -17.3%

Heroes -13.4%

My Name is Earl– 11.2%

None of the Above – 9.6%

13. Where’s The Kleenex or Most Heartbreaking Moment

Winner with 25.9% of the vote, Sun screams for Jin as the ship explodes on Lost

And the rest:

Amber dies on House – 23.5%

None of the above -15.2%

Penny is Desmond’s constant on Lost -14.8%

Santos dies again on Ugly Betty – 13.2%

Jim doesn’t propose to Pam on The Office – 7.4%

14 Where Is The Love? or Show Amy Never Talks About

Winner with 24.5% of the vote, None of the Above

And the rest:


Battlestar Galactica-20.4%

Burn Notice-11.6%

Psych -11.5%

NCIS -9.8%

15 You Were Worth Waiting For or Best Return from the Writers Strike

Winner with 38.3% of the vote, Lost

And the rest:


How I Met Your Mother-13.9%

House -13.0%

None of the Above -10.9%

Reaper -5.5%

16 You Were Not Worth Waiting For or Worst Return from the Writers Strike

Winner with 32.1% of the vote, Nothing, I was so happy to have my shows back

And the rest:

Grey’s Anatomy– 23.7%

None of the Above -13.3%

My Name is Earl-12.4%


Ugly Betty-7.7%

This concludes the 2008 Amy Awards. Thanks again for picking the categories, the nominees and the winners. As always, you guys are the best. I may be a little bit biased, but I think I have the best readers out there.

Now that you’ve seen the results of the 2008 Amy Awards, talk about it below.

Some fun links

Stevecarell_theoffice_240 The Office will have new webisodes available on beginning July 10 but here’s a sneak peak.

And leading up to the July 14th premiere, you can get recaps of Saving Grace here and The Closer here.

Highlights of the Week Ahead

All times listed are Eastern Standard Time for June 30-July 6

If you missed my review of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (Tuesday, ABC Family, 8 p.m.), check out my blog from last Friday.

Ah the Gizzie romance. Such good times. Not. If you want to relive one of the reasons why Grey’s Anatomy won the You Bring the Skis, I’ll Bring the Shark Award, check out this repeat Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Sterling K. Brown, Roland on Army Wives, guest starred as Gordon Walker this season on Supernatural (Thursday, CW, 9 p.m.). I missed it the first time around. I won’t make that same mistake again. Oh and as an added bonus, Mercedes McNab, Harmony on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, guest stars as — what else? – a vampire.

I think nothing beats the Boston Pops on the 4th of July. And this year Rascal Flatts performs with Keith Lockhart and The Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra Friday at 10 p.m. on CBS.

That’s all for today. I’m back on Wednesday with this week’s familiar faces and to talk about the 2008 Emmy Awards. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week or a topic for discussion? Write me at

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