up all night season 1 finale 'Up All Night' creator teases season finale and Chris and Reagan's possible future“Up All Night” ends its first season Thursday night (April 12), after which creator Emily Spivey will wait to hear whether NBC wants a second season.

She’s hoping the pickup comes — and not just because it will mean continued employment. “Obviously I want another season,” Spivey tells Zap2it, “because I feel like we’re just getting to a place where it’s starting to be really, really fun.”

Spivey thinks the show really found its footing midway through the season. It was then, she says, that she and the writers had worked through the post-pilot tweaks (Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph‘s characters, Reagan and Ava, went from being celebrity publicists to talk-show producer and host) and figured out better how to balance the workplace and family stories.

“The writers and Maya were always trying to adjust Ava’s size [comedically], and I think we got it to a place where it’s nice balance of being sort of a bigger character, and with the introduction of Kevin [recurring guest star Jason Lee], that brought her down to earth a lot. Maya really responded to that, getting to play the bigger stuff and some smaller [beats].”

Lee returns for Thursday’s finale — and Spivey says she’d love to bring him back for a second season — but it primarily revolves around Reagan losing her wedding ring and Chris’ (Will Arnett) reaction to that.

“It sort of triggers an underlying issue between Reagan and Chris … about their marriage,” she says. “That’s sort of what the whole thing is about. There’s also a parallel story line with Ava and Kevin, in the same vein.”

Reagan’s quest for the ring leads her to Chris’ grandmother (played by Marion Ross), who according to Spivey is less than thrilled to see her granddaughter-in-law.

“She hates Reagan, and Reagan has to go to her and ask for a huge favor,” Spivey says. “She has to eat a lot of crow and really suck it up for Grammy.”

Spivey says she’s trying not to dwell on the prospects of a Season 2 pickup — “I flew to the East Coast and I’m drinking a lot of white wine,” she jokes — but she has thought about where the show might go next season.

“The first thought is really to explore Reagan and Chris as a couple,” she says. “Those two never stop surprising us, Christina and Will. Where they took those characters and their chemistry — I don’t think there’s really another couple on TV like them right now. … I think we just want to mine the specifics of that relationship a little more.”

“Up All Night’s” season finale airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Thursday on NBC.

Posted by:Rick Porter