up all night season 2 changes 'Up All Night' sitcom drama: NBC cuts order to one multi cam episodeMaybe NBC should consider changing the title of “Up All Night” to “WTF.”

The sophomore series with continued ratings woes is currently undergoing the unusual transition from a single camera comedy format to a more traditional multi-camera sitcom taped in front of a live audience. The transformation has cost the show both its leading lady Christina Applegate and creator Emily Spivey — who both bowed out voluntarily — and now NBC has scaled back the episode order from five multi-camera installments to just one.

Yes, one.

Deadline broke the news and adds that it’s still unclear if there will be a replacement for Applegate in the multi-camera episode. “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow has been the rumored frontrunner to join Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph in the revamped series, but there is no deal in place.

With NBC dramatically cutting the order, it sounds like the network is basically treating this as another pilot in contention for next season. Both Arnett and Rudolph are said to be fielding alternate series offers, which sounds like a smart move.

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