Thanks to a line at the end of the first episode of “Up All Night,” legendary songstress Stevie Nicks is guest-starring on the show Thursday (March 29).

Ava (Maya Rudolph) tried to get Reagan (Christina Applegate) to come with her to Santa Barbara in the series premiere to get the Fleetwood Mac singer to appear on her talk show, but Reagan opted to stay home with her husband, Chris (Will Arnett), and baby, Amy.

Nicks saw the episode and was touched by the mention.

“I said we have to call these people and see if they actually want me to come and be on the show,” Nicks says.

See what else she has to say about her appearance in the clip below, and check out a sneak-peek clip of the episode (above), where she proves she does indeed have magical powers — as a baby and dog whisperer.

How excited are you to see Nicks on “Up All Night”? 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper