Davidcaruso2_csimiami_s5_240Odes to David Caruso‘s sunglasses-wearing, dramatically pausing CSI: Miami character, Horatio Caine, abound on YouTube. And apparently CBS is OK with that, because it highlighted this one at its upfront presentation Wednesday as a way to show how engaged its viewers are.

Even more remarkable than the net’s hey-that’s-life attitude toward users cribbing copyrighted material, Caruso himself joined in for some self-parody, providing a series of one-liners, complete with sunglasses coming on or off, to describe each night of CBS’ new schedule.

Here they are:

  • Monday, the night CSI: Miami airs: "CBS Monday is so bright [pause] you gotta wear shades."
  • Tuesday: "Missing CBS Tuesday [pause] would be a crime."
  • Wednesday: "In Miami, we call Wednesday [pause] el dia de la hump."
  • Thursday: "Put out an APB on CBS Thursday [pause] because it’s a killer."
  • Friday: "All evidence points [slight pause] to a winning Friday." We should note that it was here that the audience at Carnegie Hall stopped laughing at the running bit — and unlike Sideshow Bob with the rake, it didn’t go on long enough after this to become funny again. In the interest of completeness, though, we soldier on.
  • Saturday: "Saturday night’s all right for fighting [pause] but it’s even better for watching TV."
  • Sunday: "Sunday is a day of rest [pause] but not for CBS."

The man himself then joined CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler at the end of the show to present her with her very own Caine-worthy eyewear, after which they said more or less in unison, "See you [pause to don glasses] at Tavern on the Green," the site of the post-upfront party.

Not joining them at Tavern on the Green was Hugh Jackman, the executive producer and recurring actor on the new drama-with-music Viva Laughlin. He did, however, contribute a strangely timed bit from Australia, where he’s filming a Baz Lurhmann movie. He kind of interrupted Tassler’s conversation with Viva star Lloyd Owen, which at first seemed like it was an intentional bit of comedy. Then it happened again, making us think that maybe the audio delay that comes with satellite hookups just screwed them up.

Posted by:Rick Porter