us weekly fake sarah palin story funnyordie 550 US Weekly gaffe only further supports a media moratorium on Sarah PalinLast month, a Washington Post writer declared she wouldn’t report on former vice-presidential candidate, reality star and all-around media magnet, Sarah Palin, and called on others in the media to join in. And sure, we’re just as responsible as anyone else (but, hey you click on these stories, too!).

So, of course, that pledge was quite the utopian fantasy. But a recent gaffe by US Weekly only further proves a need for a moratorium on Pal-antics.
On Wednesday (Feb. 10), US Weekly was duped by a parody article in which fake Sarah Palin called anthem-flubbing Christina Aguilera an “airhead diva,” among other things. The magazine has since deleted the errant post and tried to make good by getting Palin’s comments on the whole thing. Thou doth protest too much, US Weekly.
On the bright side, produced a hilarious video starring Gina Gershon showing what it would’ve been like for Palin had we all joined the Washington Post’s media boycott. It made us feel a little better.

Watch the video below:

Note: Some strong language.

Is there a better reason to join the moratorium on Palin coverage or what?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog