graceland season 2 premiere 'Graceland' Season 2 premiere: 'The Line' reunites Mike, Briggs and the rest of the team Looks like Season 2 of USA’s hot summer series “Graceland” is going to look a lot different from its freshman run, while still maintaining the successful formula that launched the undercover cops/feds show last summer.

The Season 2 premiere, “The Line,” aired on Wednesday (June 11), and checked back in on Mike after he returned to DC as a rockstar in the FBI for his work in Graceland. He was running point on a new op monitoring passenger buses that could potentially be importing a ton of drugs into the country, but so far, all he was able to turn up was an illegal cigar smuggling ring on the buses. His boss, unimpressed, decided to shut the op down just as Mike’s old pal Briggs gave Mike a heads up that the Caza Cartel hadn’t forgotten about the “Marine” that caused them a lot of damage.

Mike had learned from one of his marks that the Caza put out a hit on Mike, so he convinced Mike to come to Graceland for a couple days of “vacation.” The plan: To get Caza hot on Mike’s trail, follow them back to their home base and take them all out. But when the hit men kidnap Mike right from underneath Briggs’ nose, the team freaks out, using everything they’ve got to try and follow their trail. 
The hit men bring Mike to a rundown house and torture him by using a plastic bag to suffocate him over and over. They keep asking if Mike “found the line,” and he has no idea what they’re talking about or why they aren’t killing him right then. And then one of them asks if Mike found “the bus line,” and Mike realizes this op actually ties back into his earlier, canceled op, right as Briggs and the rest of the team show up to rescue Mike. They shoot the two hit men and realize, based on their tattoos and torture methods, that they actually weren’t Caza. So who are they?
Mike calls up his boss back in DC — who also happens to be his friend with benefits — and convinces her to convince her own boss to reinstate Mike’s bus op, and he ends up getting Graceland as his team. That’s right: This season, Briggs and everyone else in the house is actually working for Mike instead of the other way around. This is going to get interesting.
On a personal note, things in Graceland have changed a lot since Mike left. First, Briggs and Charlie are together, and it’s common knowledge now. Second, Briggs is still dealing with his mistake of killing Juan Badillo and covering it up. He’s having nightmares and isn’t partying with the house anymore. Meanwhile, Charlie is monitoring the Badillo family and possibly looking into his death even though the FBI believes it was Jangles, so something tells us her relationship with Briggs isn’t going to have a happy ending. 
And the weirdest part of all? The rules in Graceland have gotten way lax — guns are allowed on the ground floor, people are hooking up upstairs, and even Dale is happy and easygoing, hugging Mike and looking to buy a house for him and his son. But Mike’s “DC” demeanor rubs everyone the wrong way, including his old hookup Paige, so everyone having to work for Mike is not going to go smoothly this season. Notice how no one cheered when Mike said he’d be staying for eight weeks, in charge of their team. Also, what does this mean for “New/Better Mike,” the agent who moved into Mike’s room?

“Graceland” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum