usher feb 2013 gi Usher on skipping Grammys 2013: 'Some things do take priority'For the record, Usher was not at The Grammys this year because he knows his priorities.
“I wasn’t there because I had another engagement that pulled me away — donuts for dad, a daddy’s luncheon at my boy’s school,” Usher tells Zap2it. “Some things do take priority.”
Usher won his ninth Grammy, for best R&B performance for his new album, “Climax.”
Like the rest of us, he watched from his living room and had his favorite moments.

Kelly Rowland was definitely a pleasure to look at,” Usher says. “She was beautiful. Prince’s taking of the stage. ‘The nominees are’ and how remarkable is it to shake up a room up like that? Classic! Miguel was incredible I loved seeing him in that light. I love Mumford & Sons. They are one of my favorite folk bands. The testament that a record truly does last forever. Seeing Adele had relevance was pretty cool.”
Usher, who is preparing to be a mentor on this season of “The Voice,” says he keeps all of his awards on display in his home.

“I have a shelf in my living room that they rest on,” he says. “And they are good furniture. They definitely do you good, and you come in and can point at them and actually show I have happily won more than one. Some people have an entire career and never win any at all.”
Usher is particularly excited that the new album was so well received because it is a departure from his usual sound.
“I feel great about the fact that ‘Climax’ was recognized for the record it was,” he says. “As someone who completely lost their voice at one point for a year that people have recognized my music and there is an award there for it I appreciate it. This was a journey about finding a way to show my talent, and the nature of the sound and creating unique sounds and this was the opening of the shell.”
He adds that despite winning so many Grammys, he has never been on that stage to recognize those who have helped him along the way.
 “I have never been able to receive one on camera, to thank everyone who helped develop my sound,” Usher says. “You take the good and bad and recognize it. Being an artist, it goes a long ways to be recognized and have the incredible moments I have had with the Grammys. I am cool with that.”
And happy as he was, Usher adds: “I never act too presumptuous. I figure something always around the corner.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler