the new normal key art Utah station refusing to air 'The New Normal' over possible explicit contentUtah station KSL has told the Salt Lake Tribune that it will not be airing “The New Normal” this fall, the new sitcom on NBC that is about a woman being a surrogate for a male gay couple.

Jeff Simpson, CEO of KSL’s parent company, says, “The dialogue might be excessively rude or crude. The scenes may be too explicit or the characterizations might seem offensive.”

This is not the first time a group has expressed its concern over “The New Normal.” The One Million Moms group, the organization that called for a boycott of J.C. Penney after the department store named lesbian Ellen DeGeneres its spokesperson, has called for a boycott of “The New Normal.

Nor is this the first time KSL has refused to air a program. KSL is a Latter Day Saints Church-owned station that a year ago refused to air NBC’s “The Playboy Club” because the Playboy brand is “completely inconsistent with the Playboy brand.”

We would just like to point out that KSL does air “Law & Order: SVU,” a program that routinely has explicit dialogue and situations. Perhaps Jon Stewart puts it best:

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