utopia cast revealed 'Utopia' cast: A pregnant woman, a polyamorist, a 'Hillbilly MacGyver' and moreFOX has revealed the 15 pioneers embarking on the experience of a lifetime for its upcoming reality show “Utopia,” which puts these cast members into a brave new world for an entire year with little contact with the outside world, charged with creating a new society.

The 15 Utopians are:

Bella Chartrand: If there’s one
person prepped for success in Utopia, it’s naked yoga enthusiast Bella,
known as “the peppy prepper with a purpose” in her Southern hometown.
“I’d rather be digging a hole than on a date,” says Bella, who
nonetheless remains “open to the possibility of having a child in
Vitals: 45, single
Habitat of Origin: Griffin, Ga.
Occupation: Real estate entrepreneur; survivalist prepper
Skillset: Has been ready for Utopia for 10 years

Andrea Cox: “I’m
a Christian who drops the F-bomb,” announces this detox diva, who would
resort to cannibalism before killing or eating an animal. Utopians
beware: “When I snap, I can be a little b****y and manipulating to get
my way,” the self-proclaimed born-again virgin warns.
Vitals: 38, single
Habitat of Origin: San Diego, Calif.
Occupation: Raw vegan chef; detox expert
Skillset: Juicing EVERYTHING

“5th Avenue” Dave Green: “On
paper, I’m written off,” says 5th Avenue Dave, a former drug dealer and
burglar who’s been in and out of jail since 17. “I wanna show the world
that ex-convicts and felons can make a change.”
Vitals: 31, single
Habitat of Origin: Queens, N.Y.
Occupation: Homeless/Unemployed
Skillset: Sales; hustling; amateur barbering; smooth-talking

Rob Hospidor: “I’m
a godd*** patriot,” says proud Jersey native Rob Hospidor, who’s
excited to represent America — “the REAL ‘Merica,” he clarifies. The
gun-loving libertarian is sure to clash with the “hippies, kumbayahs and
hairy-legged broads” he suspects will populate Utopia.
Vitals: 38, engaged
Habitat of Origin: South Amboy, N.J.
Occupation: Security programmer
Skillset: Hunting; fishing; handling guns; getting combative

Josh Johnston: “You
can’t build a house without a general contractor, and you can’t build
Utopia without me,” says Josh.  A natural leader and a self-proclaimed
“sexy beast,” Josh is on a personal quest to unify the group to build
the most gratifying society possible.
Vitals: 36, father
Habitat of Origin: Salt Lake City, Utah
Occupation: General contractor
Skillset: Building; cooking; sewing; fishing; hunting

Jonathan Lovelace: “When I go to Utopia, God goes to Utopia,” proclaims Jonathan, who hopes to build a church and baptize his fellow Utopians.
Vitals: 44, married with two kids
Habitat of Origin: Church Hill, Tenn.
Occupation: Pastor; high school coach
Skillset: Building; hunting; fishing; praying

Nikki Noce: An
ideal society won’t take shape overnight, but don’t expect that to
phase Nikki. The holistic doctor and tantric sex enthusiast is sure to
take a hands-on approach to communal living. “The human touch is so
loving and healing,” she says.
Vitals: 29, single
Habitat of Origin: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Occupation: Medical and Holistic doctor; life coach; herbalist
Skillset: Non-traditional medicine; yoga instruction; gardening

Bri Nyugen:
would be nice to be the prettiest girl in Utopia – that way, I could
have my pick of the men,” says Bri, who is also passionate about animal
rights and sustainability.
Vitals: 20, single
Habitat of Origin: Westminster, Calif.
Occupation: Veterinary technician; student
Skillset: Farming; raising livestock; horseback riding; canning fruits and vegetables; building huts

Mike Quinn: “My
strengths are definitely in government, not in working,” says lawyer
Mike, a serial dater who’s packing work boots … although he’s not planning
on wearing them. “We have a much better chance of creating a society if
I’m managing the rules.”
Vitals: 33, single
Habitat of Origin: New York, N.Y.
Occupation: Attorney
Skillset: Litigation; wise-cracking                               

Amanda Scott: “I’m pregnant, but not powerless,” says Amanda, who plans to keep her
pregnancy a secret from the other Utopians for as long as she can. Her
work with developmentally challenged children reaffirms her belief that
if “everyone treated each other like family, the world would be a better
Vitals: 30, single
Habitat of Origin: Seattle, Wash.
Occupation: Behavioral specialist
Skillset: Patience; organizing/planning; singing

Aaron Thomas:
is life,” says this former Army officer who knows what a good meal can
mean to a hungry community. A hopeless romantic and fantastic forager,
Aaron envisions a Utopia free of class divisions and full of nuts and
Vitals: 26, single
Habitat of Origin: Jackson, Miss.
Occupation: Private chef
Skillset: cooking; foraging; personal training

Chris Tuorto:
infuse your spirit with happiness and burn your mouth with the hot
peppers he farms with his family. Chili charmer Chris loves inspiring
others, working as a team and finding beauty in all he beholds. Well,
maybe not everything. “Bible bangers drive me nuts,” he says.
Vitals: 25, single
Habitat of Origin: Cary, N.C.
Occupation: Glass blower; chili farmer
Skillset: Skateboarding; surfing; shredding; guitar-playing

Hex Vanisles: Don’t
call her Katniss. Sure, hunter Hex Vanisles is “six feet of twisted
steel and sex appeal,” but her primary game is to bring lessons from
Utopia back to Detroit, her hometown.
Vitals: 25, single
Habitat of Origin: Detroit, Mich.
Occupation: Unemployed
Skillset: Hunting; fishing; gathering

Red VanWinkle: “I’ll
be your Hillbilly MacGyver and your go-to guy,” says Kentucky Red, who
won’t tolerate fools in Utopia. “I can fix just about anything,” he
says. “But there ain’t no fixin’ stupid.”
Vitals: 42, married; father
Habitat of Origin: Cecilia, Ky.
Occupation: Handyman; farmer; moonshiner; home builder; natural medicine man
Skillset: See “Occupation” above. The guy can do it all.

Dedeker Winston: In
Utopia, Dedeker wants everyone to feel safe, warm and comfortable … with
her non-traditional sexuality: Polyamory. “I’m not a freak. I’m not a
sex addict. This is not a kink,” says the liberal, who hopes to educate
her fellow Utopians.
Vitals: 26, polyamorous relationship
Habitat of Origin: Los Angeles, Calif.
Occupation: Model; motion-capture artist,
Skillset: Cheese-making; social mediating                  

Viewers will be able to watch these 15 Utopians’ every moves via the live feeds, which are available in both free and premium formats that cost $4.99/month. “Utopia” premieres Sunday, Sept. 7 before moving to Tuesdays and Fridays beginning on Sept. 9 and 12, all at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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