v fruition 320 'V': ABC explains midseason decision“V” will be back next season, but fans will have to wait a while for it.

ABC will hold back the sci-fi series, which ends its season on Tuesday (May 18), until midseason next year. Jeff Bader, the network’s executive vice president for planning, scheduling and distribution, says doing that will accomplish a couple of things.

“Because it’s a big, sci-fi event show, they could use the extra time to ramp up and get the show as good as it could possibly be,” Bader tells Zap2it. “It’s also a show we’d like to run as uninterrupted as possible, like we’ve done with ‘Lost.’ If it can run uninterrupted, it will play much better.”

Bader also says that ABC will “swing for the fences” with two of its new dramas next season — “No Ordinary Family” and “My Generation.” Both shows will air at 8 p.m. (“No Ordinary Family” on Tuesdays, “My Generation” on Thursdays), and while they’re both in competitive timeslots, Bader says the fact that they’re a little different from most shows can help them break through.

The hope is that the two shows will hook viewers early on and “keep them there all night,” Bader says.

“No Ordinary Family” stars Julie Benz (“Dexter”) and Michael Chiklis (“The Shield”) as a married couple who, along with their kids (Kay Panabaker and Jimmy Bennett), suddenly develop superpowers. “My Generation” is a documentary-style drama that follows a group of high school graduates in 2000 and catches up with them 10 years later; the cast includes Jaime King, Kelli Garner, Mehcad Brooks and Michael Stahl David.

ABC’s other fall dramas are all procedurals. Cop show “Detroit 1-8-7” and legal drama “The Whole Truth” will try to solidify the 10 o’clock hour on Tuesday and Wednesday, where ABC struggled this season, while “Body of Proof” will team with the unscripted show “Secret Millionaire” (an import from FOX) on Fridays in an effort to give the network some new life there.

“We know there’s an audience that’s home on Fridays,” Bader says, citing the solid premiere numbers for “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” this spring. CBS has done well with its Friday drama lineup for several seasons, he notes, “but their shows are older now. The door is open for us.”

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credit: ABC

Posted by:Rick Porter