v heretics fork 320 'V': Beware the Hot Tub SoldierErica, Kyle and Father Jack have the Vs’ hired human assassin in custody, but he isn’t much use to them, since he doesn’t have the stolen list of the other Fifth Column members. Plus, he claims that the Visitors threatened his family if he didn’t help them. Kyle has a few medieval ideas to get more answers out of him. But Erica goes to talk to his wife and finds out that the assassin’s daughter was saved by the Visitors, and he would do anything to help them. Yes, that extends to killing innocent people. Erica finds the missing hard drive at the assassin’s house and finally gets the address they are looking for. The torture might be a bit much for our beloved priest, though.

Up on the Mothership, Anna is pretty sure that the human-Visitor baby will be the end of the Visitor way of life. If a Visitor is born with human emotions, the Fifth Column could breed an army of hybrids to fight the Visitors. When the normal V retrieval team fails, she sets loose a Hot Tub Soldier to bring Ryan and Val and Ryan Jr. back to the ship.

Anna also accelerates the plans for the humans involved in the Live Aboard Program. We still don’t know what that means, exactly, but it can’t possibly be good. Tyler has been given an invitation, and he happily accepts, except for a niggling concern that his mom might be a tetch unhappy. Anna assigns Lisa the task of convincing Erica that the Live Aboard Program would be just like sleep-away camp but without the pesky mosquitoes and lousy grub. But when Lisa goes to talk to Erica, Erica cries Real Person Tears and Lisa’s new feelings interfere with her mission and she ends up telling Tyler that he shouldn’t join the program. This ticks Tyler off to no end and he blames his mother, obvi. What he doesn’t know is that Anna wants to kill him when she’s done with him and Lisa isn’t too keen on that. But sure, Tyler, blame your mom. She’s used to it!

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