Elizabethmitchell_V2010_290 The alien invasion of “V” will begin a little earlier than we thought.

The show’s cast and producers announced Saturday that the remake of the 1980s miniseries will premiere at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 3. It will slide into the spot that “Shark Tank” is occupying early in the season.

ABC had initially slated the show for midseason, but the pilot has earned some positive early buzz and was moved up to late fall.

The other news out of the “V” session is that the show’s star, Elizabeth Mitchell, will in fact be making her way back to “Lost” for its final season. In response to a question about whether she had “kaboomed [herself] with the bomb” in “Lost’s” season finale, Mitchell said she will be “traveling to Hawaii more than once” to work on the show’s last season.

That’s about all she could say about “Lost,” including whether her character, Juliet, survived the explosion. All she would give up on that front is that “as with all things on ‘Lost,’ it’ll be very tricky.”

On “V,” Mitchell plays an FBI agent who’s first skeptical of the alien visitors and eventually becomes a leader of the resistance.

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Comic-Con: Is Elizabeth Mitchell returning to ‘Lost’?

Posted by:Rick Porter