My apologies for being somewhat absent last week, but I wasn’t just slacking. I was actually up in the great white north, visiting the Vancouver set of “V”…

The series, which debuts this Tuesday, stars Scott Wolf and “Lost”‘s Elizabeth Mitchell among other major talents and I’ll have more from them next week.

But first, an introductory sit down with Mitchell and costar Morris Chestnut, as well as Wolf and costar Morena Baccarin

Scott’s a new dad. We can’t be mad at him for fielding phone calls while doing an interview, now can we…

It was hard enough to get mad at him when he took little Owen for a drive after he’d been drinking in the pre-intervention days. We left the anger stuff to Charlie even back then, didn’t we?

Pumped for “V”? Will this be Wolf’s big TV comeback, post “Party of Five”?

Based on the solid premiere, which I’ve previewed and fully approve of, it’s certainly possible.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh