elizabeth mitchell v2010 return 320 'V': Oh, it's onAfter a hiatus as long as “V” had, thank your lucky stars that there are a heck of a lot of “previously ons,” because I for one have the attention span of a circus flea and there was, like, an entire season of “Kell on Earth” occupying the “intense plot” part of my brain.

So anyway, the priest got stabbed by a V security guard and was helpfully rushed to the V emergency room. Meanwhile the same security guard invades Agent Erica’s home and tries to shiv her, too. But being a trained federal agent, she ices him in her living room with nothing more than some kitchen utensils and a Crate & Barrel picture frame. She also knows that her teenage idiot son Tyler is onboard the V ship. She goes to find him, but the Vs only give her a hologram to argue with and are keeping Tyler in some sort of stasis on board. But, hey, silver lining! She doesn’t have to live with Tyler.

Ryan assures her that the death of the V security guard will be unnoticed, because he was just trying to clean up his own mess before Anna and her love of skinning things caught wind of his big screw-up. You know, the one where he let Ryan, Father Jack and Agent Erica into the warehouse where they blew up the R6 and flu vaccine.

Chad Decker is reporting on the warehouse that Father Jack, Ryan and Agent Erica exploded last week. The news is unsettling for Anna and the Vs, but Anna promises to make an army and crush the resistance. Meanwhile, Father Jack’s gaping hole of a stab wound gets fixed up by the V doctors, but then he gets a dose of the R6 flu vaccine. Speaking of R6, Anna wants to use Chad Decker to encourage people to use the V healing centers and get their free shot of R6. But Chad’s not feeling the V love, despite his private lunch with Anna. It must be all her veiled threats giving him indigestion. Chad crumbles under the pressure and airs his report on the Visitors’ healing centers. He is also going to get his Future Self cured of that nasty brain aneurysm. Anna is pleased.

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