morena baccarin scott wolf 'V': One step behindChad Decker’s unconscious is pretty sure he can’t trust Anna, but distrust is HOTTT. Anna and Chad and his dirty dreams are in Geneva so Anna can present a technological gift of Blue Energy to a world forum. Chad has given up any pretense of being objective and stands as Anna’s wingman during the conference.

When Anna’s plan is thwarted by a protocol-happy Secretary General, a natural disaster gives her an opening. She dispatches rescue ships carrying Blue Energy. Chad reports on the miraculous rescue and the conference decides to let her speak. She stages a laser light show, and wins a round of applause for her trouble. But the Secretary General isn’t joining in. He has suspicions about the Vs’ plans to leave Earth. Chad confronts Anna, and she almost confirms the Visitors’ plans to stay. Almost.

After cracking into Ryan’s safe and finding the evidence of a secret life, Val is on the run. Ryan enlists the aid of his V doctor friend to find Val before she sees her own ob/gyn. But Val isn’t going to her regular doctor, instead she’s opted for the Visitors’ Healing Center. Luckily, Ryan asked Erica to trace Val’s phone, and he finds her at the clinic before the V doctor can report her pregnancy to Anna. After the doctor gets all kinds of uppity, Val decides to trust Ryan enough to escape with him.

In her capacity as an FBI agent, Erica is enlisted to investigate the Fifth Column, which is a whole bowl of awkward. After the Visitors slaughter a small cell of rebels, she gets a lead on a survivor. Father Jack pimps his priesthood to go visit the man’s dying father, who directs him toward his son. Kyle suggests that they use the frumpy schoolteacher as bait — and he agrees. And when there are six more Fifth Column murders, the Fab Four sense the urgency of drawing V blood. They set a trap for the V assassin, but the V beats them to the scene and shoots the poor schlub. After the harmless schoolteacher dies in his arms, Father Jack finally picks up a gun and they capture the assassin alive. The big surprise: The assassin is human.

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