logan huffman morena baccarin elizabeth mitchell v 320 'V' recap: Hong Kong PhooeyTyler is firmly Team V, and he has the new haircut and the space shuttle to prove it. Anna is excited to start the breeding program, but Tyler’s phosphorus levels aren’t high enough yet to breed. Anna finds a replacement in a Spanish studmuffin and pimps him out to Lisa. When Lisa balks, Anna gets suspicious. She tells Joshua to tell Lisa that he is having emotions and report her reaction back to him. Luckily Lisa has Grandma Diana to offer her counsel and hugs (!!), and Lisa passes Joshua’s test, mostly. But Lisa can’t handle being her mommy’s li’l ho, and she sends the Spaniard away. She and Anna fight and Lisa wollops her mother in the face. Anna smooshes her face and reminds her that she is not the queen yet. Anna marches off to tell Joshua to prepare an alternate for Lisa. She has one egg left and he needs to hatch it, preferably in the hybrid baby. Oh shit, babies having babies. I guess they don’t get “Teen Mom” in space. The Visitors are also using the hybrid baby to test their aging technology. So poof, she’s a toddler.

Erica is assuming the leadership of the Fifth Column, and the perks are great: First stop is a trip to Hong Kong! She schools the terrorists in dealing with a white lady with nothing to lose. Her crack team of Chad, Jack, Kyle and Sid (remember Sid?) all brainstorm about why the Visitors are there and how they can stop them. They suddenly realize that the answer lies in Erica’s ob/gyn, obviously. Please, you always knew ob/gyns were evil. So Erica and Kyle break into her ob’s apartment and prove that she is a Visitor, but she suicides herself before they can get anything useful from her. Kyle cracks her safe, he and Erica have a moment (she’s cheating on Jack, the slore!), then they grab the info and run. With the information in the safe, they realize that there are 29 boys being watched/tested on by the Visitors, meaning 28 boys who are probably less annoying than Tyler. Then Erica discovers that the prenatal vitamins she took were some advanced V technology. Malpractice much?

Chad Decker goes to talk to Lisa on board the mothership. He tries to convince her that he is working with Erica, but no one really believes him. Still. He begs her to help find out what the Visitors did to the unlucky participants in the Live Aboard Program. She doesn’t tell him anything right then, but sends him the info later. He fills in the group on Lisa’s intel: They are stealing DNA from the Live Aboards they hand-selected for their exceptional DNA. Erica summarizes: The Visitors are using the humans’ DNA to fast-track their own evolution. This new information is useful for convincing the rest of The Fifth Column that she’s the boss of them.

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