elizabeth mitchell v2010 return 320 'V' recap: Lock Up Your DaughtersWhen Diana tells the team to snap things up, the team hops to. Their brilliant plan is to pretend to kidnap Lisa, and then have Lisa kill Anna when she inevitably comes after her. Anna does a bunch of public grandstanding about giving her own life for her daughter’s, and walks right into the trap. But she catches on just in time, and puts on a whole show for her daughter, pretending to be not evil. Stupid Lisa totally buys it and decides not to kill Anna after all. Even with phase one of the plan knocked into a cocked hat, Diana refuses to back down. That only gets her murdered by Anna in the middle of her big moment, and gives Anna a chance to utter what may be the best line of the series to date. With Lisa’s betrayal out in the open, Anna decides to replace her daughter with the creepy-ass spawn of her newly-hatched queen egg, complete with a copy of Lisa’s skin. And she’s the one who ends up mating with Tyler — and then eating his throat! Awesome!

Also, Ryan heads back up to the ship to rescue his own daughter, Amy, but now she’s a rebellious tween who may or may not have killed him for his trouble. And Anna has figured out Chad was one of Lisa’s “kidnappers,” so it looks like his cozy relationship with Anna isn’t going to be even one-way any more.

Pretty much the only good news is that Erica gets recruited by a shadowy, mysterious, anti-V organization that’s even more shadowy and mysterious than the Fifth Column, whose leader is played by original V star Marc Singer. Oh, and Kyle has packed up and vanished, so that’s good even if Erica doesn’t agree.

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