v shuttle 320 'V' recap: Mommy IssuesSo… where were we? Oh right: Agent Erica turned Anna’s eggs into one heck of an omelet. Anna is sooooooo mad, because even though they were slimy, they were her babies. Adding insult to injury, Anna is overwrought with dirty human emotions and decides to step up the alien invasion plan, or at least turn the sky red, and not in way that delights sailors.

On earth, the red sky is getting all the humans atwitter. The FBI has their hands full, but Erica is sleeping on the job having bad dreams about Anna’s revenge. On the ship, Marcus (a.k.a. Anna’s No. 2) tells her that the other ship captains don’t appreciate her new maternal instincts and are en route to confront her in person. She b****-slaps them into submission.

Ryan is being kept onboard the ship against his will, but he wants to be near his little babylike lizard. The little tadpole is being kept in a fish bowl, but it’s really a prison. Anna does not appreciate Ryan’s continued existence, but Ryan doesn’t appreciate the fact that she imprisoned him, stole his daughter (it’s a girl!), and killed his wife. Anna banishes him to earth. She’s keeping the kid and hoping he joins the Fifth Column (not the boy band). Now that she has his offspring, she can yank him back whenever she wants. Naturally, Ryan heads straight to the Fab Four’s HQ. Smart!

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