v shuttle 320 'V' recap: Soul SearchingAnna is determined to get answers from her mommy. Apparently, the Visitors had a Shakespearean moment, and Anna overthrew her mother and stored her away for 15 years in case she needed any hints from Heloise or something. Anna needs pointers on how to get rid of the human emotions infecting the ship, but somehow Mama (original V star Jane Badler) deduces that Anna is infertile and the future of the race depends on Lisa’s willingness to get funky with Tyler (*shudder*). Anna engages in some elder abuse until her mom gives her some clues as to How To Make Enemies With Your Emotions in 12 Easy Steps. The secret? Find the soul and destroy it. You probably need to come up with an evil laugh, too.

Lisa tells Erica that Joshua is alive, but he doesn’t remember anything, not even being a back up singer in The Fifth Column. Anna tosses his reanimated corpse in a memory chamber so Anna can root out the terrorists who were working with him. The only face she finds in Joshua’s reconstructed memory is Erica. But it’s not Erica’s involvement with the Fifth Column, it’s her shooting him in the face.

Ryan has a funeral for Val, but he doesn’t cry because they forgot to install tear ducts or something? Val’s parents yell at him about that, but Father Jack reminds him to keep his eyes on the prize… and if he has a soul he should give it to Jesus.

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