logan huffman morena baccarin elizabeth mitchell v 320 'V' recap: The Mommy WarsErica has been suspended from duty after the Visitors’ second-in-command was almost assassinated on her watch. She’s okay with that, though, because she wants to spend some quality time with her newly reunited family. Anna has different plans, though, because for some reason the fate of the alien race depends on that doofy-faced carbuncle named Tyler.

Anna wants Eli Cohen’s head on a silver dinner plate, and Ryan is only too happy to deliver. Unfortunately for him and his sick daughter, Eli Cohen does not go gently into that good night. Eli captures him and calls Erica, promising that Ryan is going to be dead and maybe made into a belt and some matching shoes, too. Anna has a tracker following Ryan, and the Visitors decide to call the FBI to incite some human-on-human violence while they sit back and eat popcorn and laugh. Once the FBI surrounds Eli Cohen’s HQ, Erica comes up with a plan to pretend she is Cohen’s hostage. The second the story hits the news, Joe (the ex) and Father Jack (the next??) head to the siege. The Visitors show up, too, with some super-helpful technology that allows the FBI to see into the building. I hope this ends as well as The Alamo!

With the help of a secret Visitor agent, Joe breaks in to the building to save Erica and do what a billion FBI agents couldn’t. So romantic and it’s not even Valentine’s Day. Erica and Eli (and the rest of us) have no idea what Joe is doing there and quickly realize that something is up. Anna must be helping the FBI and setting up Erica and Joe to die so Tyler will be in need of a mother figure and rush back to Anna. That’s a logical conclusion, right?

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