morena baccarin scott wolf 'V' recap: You Gotta Have FaithSo last week on “V” can be summed up thusly: Ew. And this week seems to be following in those gross, gross footsteps. Several dead peace ambassadors are strung up bleeding at the threshold of the Visitors Visitors’ Center. Sadly, none of them are Tyler, which simply means that they show hasn’t gotten desperate enough to make a big ratings grabs yet. Fingers crossed for soon! Tyler starts tweaking at the sight of all his dead friends and decides to avenge their deaths by ransacking a church. Father Jack’s to be precise. They trash the place until Father Travis finally turns up his hearing aid and confronts them. They run. Tyler being Tyler drops his phone and Father Jack finds it. He hands it to Erica, who cries. Then she sort of has a moment with the priest.

Chad Decker reports that the world’s religious leaders are coming out against the Visitors, but the Catholics haven’t made up their minds. Anna decides to help them… with Chad’s assistance, of course. She saddles up Chad and heads to the Vatican forthwith. While there, Anna notices a ring on a Cardinal that she recognizes from her youth. He turns out to be a long-lost Visitor sent to earth to research emotions and the soul. Anna orders him back to the ship. There he declares allegiance to Anna’s mother, so Anna dumps him at Diana’s feet. He informs HIS queen that the soul is a wonderful beautiful blessing filled with unicorns and butterfly kisses. So Diana gives him an honor killing and pisses of Anna who wanted to torture him.

Erica has a new partner (it’s the creepy guy from Burn Notice and Brothers and Sisters and Sons of Anarchy) and he is pretty sure that Father Jack is involved in the Fifth Column. They go to interview him, which is awkward, but Erica overacts to make up for it. Anna is also gunning for Father Jack, and while she’s visiting the Vatican demands that they bar the clergy from speaking against the Vs. But, you know, nicely. Hahaha, not nicely. Then one of the priests breaks it to Anna that souls are immortal. And that without the soul we would be nothing more than animals and, thus, edible. Regardless, the Cardinals refuse to condemn the outspoken clergy. So Anna calls them out and vaguely threatens them and their entire belief system. Then she stages a laser light show and makes the Virgin Mary bleed blue blood. Obviously, the Vatican quickly changes their stance.

Everyone is looking for suspected Fifth Column terrorist Eli Cohen, and Father Jack offers to reach out to his church members to see who knows what. Cohen thanks him for the effort with a skinned V head on his pillow. (So… Cohen is a cat?) Father Jack sets up the meet, swallows a V tracking elixir, and heads off. The Fab Team follows him and storms the cabin. Everyone ends up at gunpoint until Eli Cohen points out that they’re all on the same side, except for that the Fab Five won’t kill “collaborators”. But when Cohen tells them he knows the Vs want to breed with them, they give up the pretense and join up. They come up with a great plan to catch the guys responsible for the peace ambassador murders as well as someone to take the blame for Malik’s murder. That evening Erica leads the FBI to Cohen’s hideout, where they find Malik’s remains. Hey show: Gross.

Also, Erica’s new partner is reporting on her to the FBI bosses. Who saw that coming? Oh, all of you? Right.

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