When ABC opted to give “V” a short season this year, execs promised us that each episode would be packed with quality action — and they were right. With only one episode left in Season 2, we’ve all got one question on our minds: Will there be a Season 3?

Series star Scott Wolf stopped by KTLA Studios and he says that the team behind the show believes chances are very good. “Ultimately there are questions that will be answered in the finale, but it is not serving as a series end,” he says. “Our story is not complete. We are anticipating a third season of the show.”

Unfortunately, Wolf confirms that even with a potential Season 3, we won’t be seeing one of our favorite characters next year. “There are huge goings-on, huge reversals of fortune for most of the main characters, and like i said, at least one main character who you have come to know and potentially love will not survive our season finale.”


Watch the video above to see a clip in which Kerry lays a well-deserved slap on Wolf’s character, Chad’s, cheek. Wolf says that the actress, Ona Grauer, initially held back when she went to hit him, but her hesitation didn’t last for long.

“You can still see her hand print,” he says. “I said ‘Hit me, give me a good one,’ and she almost dislocated my neck. It was more of a punch. I thankfully stayed on my feet because to be knocked out by a hot girl on film, really bad.”

His news-anchor hair remained unruffled. “A lot of work goes into keeping all these in place,” Wolf jokes.

Tune into the “V” finale on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie