morenabaccarin v 290 'V' taps 'Chuck' veteran as new showrunner“V” will be introduced to the world on Tuesday night. Tuesday morning, the ABC series introduced a new showrunner.

Scott Rosenbaum, who’s currently an executive producer of “Chuck,” is joining “V” as an executive producer (Warner Bros. TV produces both shows). He’ll  also take over running the show from Scott Peters, the studio confirms.

Peters will remain an executive producer of the show, but fellow exec producer Jeffrey Bell is expected to depart.

“V” has finished shooting four episodes, all of which will air in November. The show is then going on a long break — it resumes shooting in January and will return to the air in March, in part to avoid the launch of “American Idol” on FOX and the Winter Olympics on NBC in February. Rosenbaum, who’s also worked on “The Shield,” will be in charge for the remaining nine episodes.

USA Today, which was first to report the change in showrunners, also notes that because “V” was moved up from a planned midseason premiere, the show condensed its intial story arc from six episodes to four. That caused “script problems,” the paper says, and led to some reshoots.

“We had a great pilot, then a couple of great episodes, but we had a disconnect on where we were going from there. I hadn’t had the experience of that before,” ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson tells the paper. McPherson also says he takes “a little blame for rushing them” to get the show on in the fall.

The series, a reboot of the 1983 NBC miniseries-turned-weekly drama, has earned largely positive reviews for its take on the alien-invasion story. It premieres at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday on ABC.

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