Val Kilmer recently appeared on “Larry King Live,” where King asked him about a prospective “Top Gun” sequel, which has been talked about for years. Star Tom Cruise has said he’d come back if it wasn’t too “obvious” how Maverick was involved, such as as a flight instructor.

Kilmer, who played Maverick’s rival Ice Man in the film, says he’d be down too.

“Sure, yeah, that was a lot of fun. There was a great camaraderie in the film,” says Kilmer. “It wouldn’t be that difficult to maintain the spirit of it,” though he does acknowledge it’s hard with the deaths of director Tony Scott and producer Don Simpson.

But he adds that it was a lot of fun working with Cruise.

“It was fun. My guy didn’t like him, but it was fun to not like him,” says Kilmer.

He also pitches his idea for a sequel to “Heat,” the 1995 movie starring himself and Al Pacino. Kilmer thinks he is now Natalie Portman‘s character’s fiance and he’s out to kill Pacino.

Frankly, we aren’t sure about “Top Gun 2” — “I feel the need — the need … to take a nap because I’m old now.”

What do you think, movie fans? Would you be excited for either sequel?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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