jamie foxx valentines day 320 'Valentine's Day' countdown: Jamie FoxxDay two of Zap2it’s countdown to “Valentine’s Day” — the day and the movie — focuses on Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

Those of us who were fans of “In Living Color” back in the day didn’t really put “Oscar winner” together with Foxx’s name when he was playing all-time ugly girl Wanda, or later when he was starring in “Booty Call.” He started to make the turn toward higher-profile roles in Oliver Stone’s “Any Given Sunday” (at the same time he had a self-titled sitcom on The WB) and won praise for his role as Drew “Bundini” Brown in 2001’s “Ali.”

The Oscar came three years after that when he played singer Ray Charles in the biopic “Ray,” but for my money he was even better in another movie that year. No, not “Breakin’ All the Rules.” He was downright fantastic — and Oscar-nominated, though he didn’t win in that category — in Michael Mann’s “Collateral”:

OK, so yeah, not exactly warm and fuzzy. His rom-com resume also includes a supporting role in “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” and the aforementioned “Breakin’ All the Rules,” where he plays a guy who writes a breakup manual for guys. In “Valentine’s Day” he plays a TV sports reporter who resents getting reassigned to do a romantic Valentine’s story.

Up next in the countdown: Bradley Cooper

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