valerie bertinelli 2 Valerie Bertinelli is proud of Mackenzie Phillips' incest confessionValerie Bertinelli thinks that her “One Day at a Time” costar Mackenzie Phillips‘ confession of incest with her father, John Phillips,  will help her stay sober.
“I’m incredibly proud of her,” Bertinelli added. “I think she’s done a very brave thing, and I think through this, because she’s touched so many people and helped so many people, it’s going to help her stay sober.”

Bertinelli also talks about writing another book about maintaining her 40 lb.
weight loss. Her first book about losing weight, “Finding It,” was a
best-seller last year.


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“Over 95 percent of dieters gain back the weight and then some within five years. I was that person; I still could be that person. I’m three years into this, so I want to really strangle the beast for the last time. “
Bertinelli is also going to run the Boston marathon to give herself another goal. 
And she laughs about her son (with Eddie Van Halen) the budding rock star. asking if he could have a sleepover with a gal pal. “I was like, ‘No, you can’t; you have a hotel room and Dad’s going to want you there, you have a show tomorrow — you can’t sleep at her house,’ “
At least he asked!

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