Valerie Bertinelli is on the media circuit, promoting her new cookbook, “One Dish at a Time,” which focuses on portion control. She says most of the recipes came from her family, including some from Eddie Van Halen‘s mom, who is Valerie’s former mother-in-law.

When Bertinelli visited Howard Stern, the conversation diverged slightly from homemade Italian dishes — as it will when one visits a shock jock. According to Travelers Today, Stern asked the “Hot in Cleveland” star to compare Steven Spielberg’s penis to E.T.’s finger, and got her to reveal a girl crush on Pink.

Howard TV posted a video excerpt from the interview wherein Stern refuses to believe Bertinelli doesn’t wax her behind. “You have some hair in your a**. Admit it,” Howard says. After about a minute of back and forth over hiney hair, Valerie finally screams at Howard, “I don’t have any!”

The actress did have a revelatory moment when she admitted she discontinued bikini waxing during her heavier years. Valerie struggled with her weight for some time, but became a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig after losing 50 pounds.

(Note: Sensitive readers should be advised the video above contains questionable language.)

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