valeriya schevchenko Valeriya Shevchenko: East coast earthquake startles runaway brideWe’re not going to side with the people who think the east coast earthquake was God expressing his displeasure at New York making gay marriage legal. But if we were Valeriya Skevchenko, we’d be rethinking some of our choices.

Shevchenko, 18, was all decked out in a wedding dress at the City Clerk’s Office in NYC on Tuesday (Aug. 23), waiting for her 19-year-old fiance, Dmitriy Grif, to join her. When the earthquake hit, she took off running through the park, cellphone in hand to find him. They were reunited outside a nearby subway station and returned to the City Clerk and tied the knot.

Small problem though: A photo agency snapped a picture of Shevchenko that has gone viral. Which would be fine, if they weren’t trying to keep their marriage a secret.

“His mom is going to go crazy,” Shevchenko tells the New York Post, before adding that the aunt and uncle that she lives with have also been kept in the dark.

“My relatives don’t know yet. They’d say we’re too young and not for each other.”

At least they have quite a story to tell, whether it’s to their grandchildren with each other … or another.

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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