kev williamson cwup 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Secret Circle': Kevin Williamson divides and conquers, shoots down crossover rumorsWhen a show is as fast-paced as “The Vampire Diaries,” it doesn’t leave its writers and producers a lot of time for navel-gazing and thumb-twiddling, so we were surprised to learn that showrunner Kevin Williamson was planning to split his time between the vampires and his new show, “The Secret Circle.”

Don’t worry, “Vampire Diaries” fans — you’re not losing one of your fearless leaders to the coven.

Williamson and Julie Plec are both showrunners and executive producers on “TVD,” and it’s going to stay that way. Meanwhile, Andrew Miller — who wrote the “Secret Circle” pilot episode before Williamson signed on — will be the day-to-day guy on “TSC.”

“My biggest fear is I don’t want to be split between the two shows and I don’t want to water myself down and hurt either,” Williamson tells THR. “My goal is for Julie and I to stay focused on ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ and Andrew Miller and his team will be in place and we will help and guide him along the way [on The Secret Circle]. I’m not going to step away from my vampires. I’m too invested at this point; it’s too much of a family for me to walk away from, but there’s room in our day for me to help guide ‘The Secret Circle’ along the way.”

That sound you just heard was a collective sigh of relief from “TVD” fans – especially those of us who remember that it took quite a while for “Dawson’s Creek” to regain its footing after Williamson jumped ship after Season 2.

Though both “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Secret Circle” are based on book series by L.J. Smith, Williamson says there won’t be any crossovers between the series. Vampires and werewolves don’t exist in the world of “The Secret Circle.”

“We’re not connecting them; there are no crossovers,” he says. “There’s an epic love story that we hint at in the pilot that is going to blow up about two soulmates. It’s not as violent as ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ or as scary.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie