sebastian roche 24 fox 'Vampire Diaries' casts 'Supernatural' angel Sebastian Roch�Best. Casting. Ever.

Supernatural‘s” Balthazar was an unfortunate casualty of the Season 6 finale after double-crossing Castiel (Misha Collins), but luckily, CW fans won’t have to wait long to see actor Sebastian Roch� in another juicy role.

EW reports that Roch� has been cast as “The Vampire Diaries” newest vamp hunter — and he’s a pretty formidable one, by the looks of it, because he makes even Klaus (Joseph Morgan) nervous. Perhaps the yet-to-be-named character specializes in hunting hybrids?

(By the way, there were reports that the character would be named Eric… but since “Heroes” star Jack Coleman is coming in as a character named Bill, Roche’s character name will be changed so we don’t get confused as to whether we’re watching “True Blood” or “TVD.”)

The role is recurring — and it’s not the first time “TVD” has snapped up a “Supernatural” alum!

“He is big, and he is bad, but I would dare not say if he is the true
Big Bad or not, trademark Joss Whedon,” executive producer Julie Plec tells EW. “If you’ve learned
anything from the Whedonverse seasonal-structuring school like we have,
then there might be some bigger and badder people coming [later].”

On “Supernatural,” Roch� brought an element of snarky humor to a character that might have been otherwise unlikable, turning him into a fan favorite in no time. We’ll likely be swooning over this potential villain before his first episode is finished. “He showed up for a costume fitting, and I got an email from the costume
designer that all of the women in the costume fitting were flushed and
atwitter because he’s a very charming, handsome man,” Plec says.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie