damon elena nude scene 'Vampire Diaries' Damon/Elena goodness: The Ian Somerhalder nude scene you've been waiting forOkay, “Vampire Diaries” fans. Calm down. When we mentioned the sudsy scene that the “TVD” team shared with us at Comic-Con, in which Elena (Nina Dobrev) stumbles across a proudly naked and soapy Damon (Ian Somerhalder), you… well, you did exactly what we expected you to do. You begged for it to be released online.

Though we weren’t allowed to record the video at the Comic-Con panel, The CW and Warner Bros. finally released it to the internet.

So… here you go. The sizzle reel begins with footage from Season 1 and 2 to tease us about what’s to come, and then we get to the very first Season 3 scene.

Elena is walking through the Salvatore house getting ready to head out. (It begs the question — does she still live there?) That’s when Damon, fresh out of the bath… very fresh out of the bath… interrupts her. “You know, you should learn to knock,” he says, standing there in all his glory. “What if I was indecent?”

Weigh in, fans. Is it everything you hoped it would be?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie