ian somerhalder vampire diaries 320 'Vampire Diaries': Ian Somerhalder on Damon drowning in women and booze, his 'Lost' plans

Not going to lie, Korbi TV had a hard time keeping it together when “The Vampire Diaries”Ian Somerhalder (Damon) hit the press line at The Paley Festival Saturday (Mar. 6) night. 
And by Korbi TV, I mean me. 
Thankfully, professional that I am, I’m pretty sure I pulled off a decent impression of a reporter when Ian and I spoke. Well, an impression anyway.
Watch the clip below to see this beautiful boy talk about what he has in common with the menacing, maniacal murderer he plays on “VD” and what Damon will do now that he knows Katherine is alive and just doesn’t care about him (that’s where the women and booze come in).  
Ian is also, for the first time, publicly confirming his upcoming return to “Lost”! Though we already saw Boone back for “Lost”‘s season premiere, there’s more to come. As you’ll see, Somerhalder says he’s not sure how many more episodes he’s doing, but a little birdie tells me the answer is not one, but two…

As Uncle Jesse would say, Have Mercy…

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