vampire diaries winter press tour 2010 'Vampire Diaries': More of the dead and dying to come ... and come backAt The CW’s portion of TV Press Tour the network presented two shows: the highly anticipated (already critically adored) “Life Unexpected” and its one hit of the Fall, “The Vampire Diaries.”

Ian Somerhalder (who was unavailable to attend when the show presented for the first time August) joined cast members Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev and executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec to clear up some rumors and give a glimpse at what’s to come when the show returns on Thursday, Jan. 21 with the last nine episodes of its freshman season.

Here’s what you need to know …

  1. No, Elena is not going to become a vampire in the next episode despite what IMDB says: “It’s fake. It’s completely not even close to what the episode is,” says Plec. Not that it’s completely out of the question. Viewers will just have to wait until “Season 37” or so.

  2. The tomb is still in play: Williamson says that saving Katherine is still very much on Damon’s agenda and nothing is going to get in the way of that.
  3. Mia Kirshner will make her first appearance on Jan. 21 … but only in flashbacks: More will be revealed about the mysterious new teacher in town, Alaric Saltzman, his past and his dead wife (Kirshner).
  4. Vicki is dead. Like, really dead: “Vicki will still be talked about. But now she’s … unfortunately, Vicki left us. She was our very first vampire casualty,” Williamson says.
  5. There is Elena/Damon action to come: “It’s not a love triangle with only two people,” according to Dobrev. The two of them will go on an “adventure” sans Stefan and Damon will have to decided if he’s going to compel Elena to go along with him, or if he’ll let her use her decide on her own. Still, Elena is not Katharine and Damon is still “all about Katharine.” [See Need to Know No. 2.]
  6. “The actress Nina Dobrev has kissed Damon … but the character Elena has not.”: So says Plec. “In the next few episodes, we’ll get to see a little Katherine and Damon, hot and heavy, yummy and naughty action.”
  7. Elena’s best friend Bonnie is about to become very important: Sure, Damon needs this witchy girl to help free Katherine from her underground tomb, but things are also going to get tense between Bonnie and Elena. Is Bonnie going to stick by her vampire-loving gall pal or turn the Salvatore brothers in to the Mystic Falls secret vampire-extermination society?

A guess? First one, then the other and then back to the first.

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