nina dobrev leighton meester 320 'Vampire Diaries'' Nina Dobrev, 'Gossip Girl's' Leighton Meester may swap shows“The Vampire Diaries” could have a super-scary vampire visiting, one that looks eerily like Blair Waldorf.

That’s right, “Vampire Diaries” and “Gossip Girl” executive producer Bob Levy says that he’s going to “work on” having real-life friends Nina Dobrev and Leighton Meester make guest appearances on each other’s shows, says E!.

We think this is a fantastic idea. Think about it: Dobrev could visit the Upper East Side and either try to out-bitch the Queen B or worse yet, put her in an uncomfortable situation like have her visit a garage sale. Eww! Used and dirty!

Of course, if Meester visits Mystic Falls, she would make a damn fine vampire with very Blair Waldorfian qualities like man-stealing or a Dorota-esque handmaiden.

“Vampire Diaries” shoots down in Atlanta, and “Gossip Girl” shoots in New York, so there may be a little juggling going on with schedules, but c’mon, CW, we know you can work it out.

What do you think? Would you like to see such a crossover?

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