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During Saturday night’s “Vampire Diaries” event at PaleyFest, Korbi TV collected a wealth of “VD” information. 

Not the kind that comes in a pamphlet at your local Planned Parenthood, no.
The kind that comes from the panel, from the screened episode and from the fan-tablulous producer Julie Plec.
When I spoke with the cast, prior to speaking with Plec, they were all on their best behavior. Not one of them would even cop to the fact that Katherine is indeed alive.
Julie, however, gave us the tease we were looking for (which will have us tuning in every Thursday from March 25th ’til forever): “Katherine is not only alive, but she is off and harlot-ing it up somewhere. Last seen in Chicago, she’s probably in Bora Bora right now. She’s kind of a little slut if you think about it.”
Heck yes, that’s what we wanted to hear. Plec promised a lot more of Nina Dobrev onscreen as the naughty Katherine, but wouldn’t say if it’s in the near future or not, just that it will eventually happen.
Before that goes down though, we’ll see a devastated Damon, crushed by the news that the woman he’s mourned for 150 years is actually doing just fine and couldn’t care less about him. In fact, when “VD” returns on the 25th, the big D will be on a bender. He’s pretty much drunk for the whole episode — and shirtless!! — and will eventually hook up with a hot, older woman (enter Ms. Melinda Clarke of “The O.C.” fame). 
Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena’s relationship will hit a serious bump in the road, which won’t go unnoticed by Damon. “[It is] a nearly relationship-ending rough patch that they’re both going to have to fight their way back from,” says Plec. “And of course there’s Damon — mourning the loss of his evil, naughty minx Katherine who doesn’t give a damn about him — right there, maybe realizing that he’s got some feelings for Elena too.”
And don’t forget that Elena’s uncle, played by the fierce David Anders, is on his way to Mystic Falls, which will further complicate matters. Julie says he’s going to cause some real trouble and give Damon a good head-to-head enemy: “[David’s character is] someone who can kind of outwit and outsmart him a little bit and keep him on his toes and on his game.”
Watch the clip for this and more from Plec on why she regrets killing off Grams (Jasmine Guy) — seems we could possibly see her again! — and whether or not a Damon-Bonnie hook up is in the cards…

Oh, but that’s not all, friends. 

For those who weren’t able to attend PaleyFest, we’ve collected a series of Tweets — most brought to you by Korbi TV correspondent Marisa Roffman — which will make you feel as if you were actually there.

Enjoy… #VampireDiaries stars are being blinded by flashes. #VampireDiaries star Paul Wesley. #VampireDiaries star Nina Dobrev. #VampireDiaries and #Lost star Ian Somerhalder. #VampireDiaries panelists.
The next #VampireDiaries episode is INSANE.
-Melinda Clarke plays Matt’s mom, pops back in his life just as his relationship w/ Caroline heats up.
-She def has a Julie Cooper feel2her (bad romantic relationships & she dislikes her kid’s love interest… poor Caroline.
-Shirtless Damon!! He’s drunk and needs Elena’s help to dress!! 
-Dude screws it up! Damon’s dark side reveals something major to drive Elena away.
-Alaric! Good stuff for him in this ep.
-Is Elena’s birth mom alive? I won’t spoil it, you’ll find out soon enough.
The shrieking in the room as the #VampireDiaries cast is announced is scary loud. #VampireDiaries panel.
“Whoa, people watch our show?” Paul’s reaction to the fan turnout at the recent Hot Topic event.
Nina Dobrev just did her Bella (from #Twilight) impression. Hilarious.
-What drew Kevin Williamson to the show? The town. He found it fascinating, felt ton of storyline potential there.
Kevin says he’s currently writing another flashback episode. #VampireDiaries
“We were afraid of letting the book fans down” -Julie Plec
Aww, Bob Levy is talking about twitter blowing up the night the show premiered and that being a big moment for them.
The writers check twitter during every ep airing.
“Our characters are dictated by what happens at IHOP”-Ian, after hearing Julie and Kevin worked on an ep yesterday at the restaurant.
–“I’m really excited about Stefan. The layers become complex. He’s hiding from something by being Stefan”-Paul
“I think Damon secretly wants to be Cary Grant”-Ian
Ian just bit Nina, much to the delight of the audience. #vampirediaries
-Ian says cast hangs out alot. Paul says 3 of them should just move in together. Nina says she just wants a walk-in closet.
-Ian & Paul make fun of Nina, left her at the airport on her birthday becuz she lost her bag, she packs 2much4short trips!
It seems like the writers are planning on going out with a bang this season–they just said they plan to have about 7-9 cliffhangers.
First fan question and the girl has a Team Stefan shirt. Hilarious. Paul Wesley just jumped into the crowd to give his super fan a hug and a k
“Joey chose both”-Kevin assures an angry Dawson’s fan about Joey’s decision. “She’s having sex with Pacey” 
“My makeup takes a lot less time than Paul’s does”- Ian on the vampire makeup they have to wear.
Paul Wesley is apparently gonna be undressed in a future ep. The fans approve of that. #vampirediaries
“That is the question of the entire series!”-Julie Plec, when a fan asks if Elena has a crush on Damon
Julie says that Damon will realize he has feelings for Elena much sooner than she will realize her feelings for him.#vampirediaries
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