cast vampirediaries 290 'Vampire Diaries' recap: A Little Of BothWelcome back! We’ve been on hiatus since November 10th, and I’m trying to put the let back in recaplet, so let’s dig right into “The New Deal.” You ready? Okay.

I hope you had a better time over the holidays than our poor Mystic Falls misfits, and that you’re finding 2012 a bit gentler. Ever since Stefan sabotaged Operation Kill Klaus, Elena has felt like everyone is out to get her, because…yeah they are. And Bonnie’s been having these dreams that the abandoned mansion is full of caskets, because yeah it is. Meanwhile Jeremy, who has been fired from the Grill, is failing at school and taking in a little drunken target practice, with sire-bound hybrid Tyler — using a crossbow nicked from Alaric, no less. Clearly, we cannot turn our back on these kids for a minute, never mind a two-month hiatus.

Stefan and the dead witches who haunt the abandoned mansion (except for when they’re in a snit) appeal to Bonnie to help them mystically cloak the caskets of the Originals. Bonnie complies, without consulting with Elena, first. To me, this seems out of character, given Bonnie’s conflicted feelings where vampires are concerned. From the mythology angle, it also seems unnecessary to require Bonnie’s services, since the witches are apparently capable of casting spells on their own, despite their extreme deadness. Mumble mumble messy mythology grumble. I’ll get to that in the full weecap.

Klaus wants those caskets back, and he knows Stefan has them, but he can’t find Stefan, so he wages a full-on assault on the Gilberts. He gets Tyler to get Jeremy off vervain and compels Jeremy to stand in the middle of the road and get run down by an SUV, driven by a new hybrid. Alaric rushes to the rescue and takes the hit, himself. He’s wearing his protect-o ring, though, so since the car is driven by a hybrid (i.e. a supernatural creature), Alaric is only a little dead.

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