tvd 'Vampire Diaries' recap: Be Still And Know I Am...Another decade dance chock full o’ drama! Since Elena made out with Damon last week, she invites Stefan to the dance, this week. WTF, Show? The not-mundanes get trapped in the school, and you’d think someone would scrape a foot through Esther’s magical salt line, but NO!

Okay, so there’s all sorts of ‘shippy stuff that happens (and doesn’t), but this is a recaplet, so I’m not going there right now. Stefan takes Elena to the MFHS 1920s dance. That’s all you know, and all you need know. Esther enspells the High School and surrounds it with salt. Dean and Sam Winchester aren’t there, so NO HUMAN thinks to scrape a foot through the magic circle. Whatever.

ANYHOW, Esther turns Ric into a Mikael (i.e. MtVS). The Fellowship of the Falls mourns Ric and tries to stop it, but they so can’t. While it was an awesome episode, Ric’s transformation is all that really happens. Oh sure, the Gilberts are sad about it, and Bonnie hates vamps, but how new is any of that?

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