cast vampirediaries 290 'Vampire Diaries' recap: Kill Bill: Vol. 1In Chicago, Rebekah tries to come to terms with the times and trends after her 90 years slumber. She quickly adapts to wearing next to nothing, but decides music is deader than she was until last week. She, Klaus and Stefan ask Gloria to do a locator spell on Rebekah’s necklace. Gloria would love to find it herself, as it’s an incredibly powerful 1,000 year old talisman that once belonged to The Original Witch. When Gloria taps into Rebekah’s energy to find the doodad, she is able to see Elena with her friends, and the necklace. She doesn’t let on to Klaus how much she’s seen. Instead, she insists needs time alone, as he’s harshing her Ju-Ju, so the fang gang goes off to feed. When Stefan’s done, he makes like he’s gotta go add the latest name to his list of kills, and heads straight for Gloria, who reveals she has no intention of giving crazy Klaus that necklace, but she does want it for herself. She knows Stefan is involved with Elena, because she heard what Elena was discussing with Bonnie and Caroline. When Stefan won’t cooperate, she gives him a vampire migraine, ties him up, strips off his shirt (thank you, Glo), magically disables his ability to heal and tortures him, old style. Eventually, Stefan is rescued by Katherine, of all people, who wants him to join forces with her. Stefan proves he learns from some mistakes, and refuses her. Poor Kiki.

In Mystic Falls, Elena and Damon are growing closer, a fact which neither escapes Alaric’s notice, nor pleases him. When Alaric gets Damon alone, he tells our Evil Pixie Monster to take a beat, where Elena is concerned. Damon spent a lot of time with John Locke when he was Boone on Lost, so he gets all “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Meanwhile, Bonnie is back. After giving big smoochies to Jeremy (who sees Anna in the mirror during said smoochies) Bonnie joins Elena and Caroline for some girl time. They all catch up on each other’s lives, and Caroline makes it plain that she knows Elena’s got a little thing for Damon, despite herself, and that Elena should not have a little thing for Damon because he is, after all, DAMON. Care Bear points out that if her own Daddy can’t change her, Elena has pretty much no chance of changing Damon. It’s during this time that Gloria is working her necklace-finding Ju-Ju, so it starts burning Elena’s neck. When she takes it off and hands it to Bonnie for mystical inspection, it sparks, causing Bonnie to drop it to the floor. Later, when the girls are trying to figure out what’s up with the necklace, it levitates on its own. Bonnie pronounces it magical (gee, ya think) and keeps it for further investigation. Toward the end of the episode, Elena meets up with Bonnie in town, and gets the necklace back, but as soon as she has it, she disappears, because PSYCHE, that was Katherine. Bonnie, aren’t your powers strong enough for you to tell the difference between your best friend and a hellcat like Kiki?

There’s a Founders’ Event at the Lockwood Mansion. The Council meets during it, and as the meeting closes, Liz, Carol and Damon are surprised to see Bill Forbes show up, because earlier in the episode, Liz had Damon compel Bill to forget what he knows about Caroline and head back to wherever it is that he lives now. It seems Bill has trained himself to be uncompellable (note to spellcheck: if compellable is a word, uncompellable is too), a trick he picked up during his research into mind control.
Damon meets up with Alaric and Elena, after his confrontation with Bill, and tells them Bill wants the Council to dose the town’s water supply with vervain. Elena allows that that’s not a bad idea. When Damon complains that he should have killed Bill instead of trying to compel him, Alaric again gets up in Damon’s grill, so Damon kills him. But don’t worry, it doesn’t stick and Damon knows it won’t stick, because Alaric is wearing his Protect-o ring.

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