tvd Vampire Diaries recap: <i>Originally...</i>Damon visits Stefan in the Torture Emporium, and when he realizes little brother has given up, he does the most Damon-y thing possible, he frees Stefan from his restraints and takes him out for blood and booze. While at a bar, Damon compels the bartender to let Stefan drink from her. Eventually, Mikael the Vampire-Vampire Slayer, aka MtVVS, aka Papa Original shows up. He orders Stefan to tell him where Klaus has gone. Stefan, who has been compelled not to share, initially refuses. MtVVS is hardcore, though. He thrusts his hand into Damon’s chest and threatens to rip out his heart, if Stefan won’t spill. Where Stefan’s love for Elena wasn’t potent enough to break through the Klaus-compulsion, his love for Damon seems like it just might be (okay, and maybe I should credit Lexi and her rapid detox, too).

Stefan says he’ll get Klaus back to Mystic Falls. If it works, MtVVS will kill Klaus; if it fails, MtVVS will kill Stefan. Once the brothers are alone, Stefan makes sure Damon knows he didn’t agree to work with MtVVS to save Damon. He just did it get rid of Klaus and blow this crappy town. Damon believes this exactly not one bit, and taunts, “Careful, Stefan, your humanity’s showing.” This infuriates Stefan, who doesn’t understand why Damon is working so hard to save him. Damon has to save Stefan, because Stefan saved his life by sacrificing his freedom. Stefan: “Aw. Better be careful, brother. Your humanity’s showing.” Now it’s Damon’s turn to be ticked. Fisticuffs ensue. Well, actually, they’re one-sided. Damon gives Stefan a sound (if brief) thrashing and leaves him lying in the street.

Early in the episode, Alaric and Damon bring Elena with them to see the cave drawings. While Alaric works with Bonnie to decipher them, Elena approaches Rebekah for some Original backstory, which means we get flashbacks — featuring (not nearly enough of) ELIJAH!

Before the New World was “discovered,” the Originals fled Europe to escape a plague, or possibly the plague. Esther, aka Mama Original learned of this brave, new world — teeming with remarkably robust people — from a witch named Ayanna. Buffy fans, raise your hand if you can’t not say Anyanka in place of Ayanna. There should only be trolls.

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